Kishona's Story

1. What does authenticity mean to you? I believe authenticity is true transparency not being afraid of being liked, wanted or even accepted. It is the true essence of yourself of how God has made you to be. Having the ability to not people please but to focus on

2. Describe a time when you struggled to be authentic. What did you do? I have lived behind a mask for years so the life I'm living at this moment is the most I have struggled. It has been a self check every minute of the day to see if I'm living my true self. My God identity not man's opinion, but who He says I AM. So my authentic answer is everyday is a struggle to be authentic.

3. What is an authentic woman? An authentic woman is a woman who knows her worth and living a genuine lifestyle. Its about excepting the flaws and all. She lives outside of the box or rather what people may think she should look, act or think. She is a risk taker. She is authentic!