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Hibiscus Mask

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Everyday, nature gives us many wonderful natural gifts; from the bee's nectar to the floral fields. We set out to make our own " fountain of youth" by blending 100% natural and organic material. The sweet hibiscus mask contains only 3 key ingredients raw honey, Hibiscus powder, and Aloe Vera. It smells like a sweet wild berry jam and its our first editable mask. 

Honey: used for anti-aging, acne, moisturizer, complexation booster

Hibiscus powder: contains natural alpha-hydroxy to help exfoliate, rejuvenate and control oils from the skin

Aloe Vera: antioxidant (A&C), anti-inflammatory, slows signs of aging


Directions: Best when used on freshly cleaned skin. Apply a thin layer of mask with brush, avoiding areas of mouth and eyes. Keep mask on for 10-20 minutes or until dry. Remove mask with warm water in a circular motion. Use 1-2 times weekly.

Ingredients: Raw Honey, Hibiscus Powder, Aloe Vera


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