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Peppermint with Amethyst Stone

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Aromatherapy Soy Poured Candles

Fragrance: Ready to sleep but your mind keeps reminding you of what’s happening, or tomorrow’s agenda. Why does our mind do this to us? How do we get it to stop? Calm the pre-sleep anxieties with one of the most relaxing stones. An Amethyst stone is like a spa in a stone. Allow its energy of contentment to wash away the day-to-day stresses that keep you up at night. 

Oh yes, you guessed it right; this stone is accompanied by the amazing oils of peppermint. When finished use this keepsake for that peace and calm.

Special note about soy candles "Frosting":

Frosting is 100% normal for soy wax & should not be treated as a flaw. This happens when vegetable waxes form tiny white crystals on the top & sides.

- It has zero effect on the performance of the candle.

- If you ever have a soy candle that does not frost over time, it is most likely mixed with another wax.

Tip: Warm wax can be used as a massage oil or moisturizer for the skin.

Net. Wt: 8 oz tin

Ingredients: Soy, Blended Oils, Non Phthalate Fragrance Oil, Citrine Stone

**This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.**

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